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people of Helon

people of Helon

people of Helon

people of Helon

Adam, United Kindom  (228268 - findacrew.com)  - 14th October 2013
I stayed with Jenia and Lena on board for one month and very much enjoyed my stay. They made me feel comfortable and welcomed me into their lives. Jenia is very open-minded. It is apparent that he holds great interest in the different perspectives of others. I would recommend a stay on this boat.


Andrey,  Russia  (210708. -findacrew.com) - 28th June 2013
 I spent ten days onboard at Helon, with Jenia and Lina, and it was very enjoyable. We sailed in the Sea of Marmara. The boat is really cool: unusually big and even originally decorated (by the captain himself). I learned quite a few things and met very nice people. I hope to return and sail some more on this boat.

Arif, Ciprus  (216783 -findacrew.com) - 13th June 2013
Jenia and Lina are easy going, friendly, polite, thoughtful, repectful, intelligent and funny people.
They are also good cook, They cooked us nice dinner and delicious lunch. I let them introduce with Greek Metaxa, they enjoyed! Jenia is good artist, I have seen his drawings, nice pictures..
Me and my friend Sergey enjoyed a lot to have such a friends like them!

Svetlo , Bulgaria (220043 -findacrew.com) - 28th May 2013
I spent a week aboard the ship in Marmara Sea. I was greatly impressed - it is a very comfortable and strong sailing vesel. We sailed stable about 12 hours in 7th by Beaufort ..
But this is not a mainstream yacht, this is a real pirate ship suitable to open&free minded people. Capt. Jenia is a very possitive person and his main advantage is he can teach and can trust the crew.

Hirotoshi Matsushima (Japan)
My sailing journey in Turkey has finished!! was amazing and very adventurous in various ways!lol
Great captain, awesome crews from over the world, got to meet very local people who are super friendly and kind, a lot of learning about sailing, realizing the value of what I have in daily life etc,,, every single pieces of the memory on the voyage will last in my mind forever! definitely wanna do it again in the future!! 
The boat, Helon’s journey still continues... May everything is gonna be great for the boat and crews! Ahoy&Cheers!


Carly  ( Canada)  - 7th August 2014

 I stayed aboard this boat for ten days. Jenia and Lena were very welcoming and kind. We sailed for a few of the days, also spent time swimming, snorkeling and exploring beautiful bays. It is a large ship - i was comfortable and had my own private room, with a comfortable bed. (They also have a hammock on the deck i recommend spending a night sleeping in). Lena is a great cook, Jenia is a very talented artist. His work decorates the ship and he is happy to share many stories about his interesting life.

I had a lovely stay and hope to stay again in the future!