Odyssey of Helon, part 3 2016


The Odyssey of Helon. The third part. 

If you want extraordinary impressions, a new experience, a lot of fun with the taste of adventurism - welcome aboard of Schooner Helon.

She is unusual boat. 

Helon is built by an artist, and the main her principles is beauty, freedom and lack of banality. 

But Helon is a "wild" and with hand-operated boat. The work with the sails, with the ropes and even lifting 120 kg anchor is a very good fitness center.


We invite aboard people from all the world.

On the second part Odyssey of Helon (Istanbul - Bodrum) in Helon's crew were people from Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Denmark, Morocco, Japan, Bulgaria, Russua, USA, Ukraine. 

helon crew

For this third part we would like something like this because to communicate with different people and get to know different cultures it's invaluable experience. 

So welcome: 

Step 1. 05.09 - 12.09. We will start to go from gulf of Gekova and we will come to Datcha. This step will be only in the territory of Turkey. 


Step 2. 13.09 -20.09. From Datcha (Turkey) to Rhodes (Greece).


Step 3. 20.09 - 27.09. From Rhodes to Crete.


Step 4. 28.09 - 12.10. (2 weeks) From Crete to Lefkada.


You can come minimum for one week. 

One week will coast 150 $ from one person. 

Meal we will buy separately but eat it together !