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project of today europe art crossing - july 2019

this is not a shop. all artworks are sold.

few big and expensive avaleble paintings are here


look at paintings of towns



look at paintings of sweet ladies.

look at paintings of ships solodkiy
look at paintings of people and angels solodkiy painting

look at paintings of nature

exhibition in la ciotat, france la ciotat
exhibition in bodrum, turkey bodrum
exhibition in moscow

film about secret technology of painting

and another film about pigment technology

exhibition in moscow (paintings)
art-sailing in mediterranean sea on schooner helon
cartoon film about the seaking of freedom
paintings, made on board of helon 12
exhibition in bodrum , turkey
exhibitions in istanbul, turkey istanbul helon

dramatic story about sailing out of russia

text eng or rus

2005-2012 art-projects is the sea  
building of schooner helon helon
about schooner helon helon
forgotten city. film about saratov. showreel
art film about very old saratov - helon  
cartoon film about wolga river made on board of helon
1999-2005 working in moscow as an creator and artist  
idea, decoration and film of presentation bmw bmw
art-show-performance khara-khoto, benidorm, spain spane
1991-2005 free art life  

exhibition in beringer gallery , gauting , germany-

dagmar behringer gallary
project bocr - improvisations on the history of russia tests bocr
exhibition in galerie schrade,schloss mohental, germany
exhibition in gallery appel, wessling, germany appel
exhibition in munich , germany solodkit-munich
exhibition in kulturwerstadt, furstenfeld, germany furstenfeld
exhibition in passau, germany
exhibition in saratov art museum

performance in desert kara-kum, turkmenia


project-performance 'research of the deep wells  
project-performance 'complimentary portrait'
project-performance 'determination of the point' /text eng/
project-performance -film 'elton' elton bocr
project-performance 'empire of mugs' mugs bocr
bocr project-performance 'cube in russian culture' cube in russia
1987-1991 art group yellow mountain , saratov yellow mountain
exhibition 'activ space', saratov, ussr evgeny solodkiy
exhibition anty-wind, saratov, ussr  
exhibition yellow mountain, moscow, ussr  
1981-1987 training at the institute as an architect, saratov
1971-1981 fucking schcool, saratov
1963 first freedom
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